Available to pre-order - the new album... "Jangle and Chime"

Jangle and Chime, the astonishing solo album from Kreol Lovecall will be released early in the new year and is available to pre-order from Cargo Records.

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Written and recorded in the spring of 2016, the album anticipates the increased racism and xenophobia subsequently surfacing on the streets of Britain & the US in the fallout from seismic votes.

With deeply personal songs addressing themes of alienation, racial identity and tensions, mental health, the refugee crisis, the consequences of a party lifestyle and consumerism, you might expect a deluge of misery. But what you get are songs you can dance to.

“…Equal parts Sly and the Family Stone, Fugazi and Cocteau Twins; a varied but well measured mixture from a man who clearly has something to say about the politics of diversity and separation that dominate our cultural conversation in these times.” The Monitors


1. Time
2. No Sense No Feeling
3. Not Composites
4. Social Spaces
5. True Golden Dawn
6. One In F1ve
7. In Camps And In Cages
8. Glimpses
9. Points Of View
10. Emojis And Memes

Kreol Lovecall - Jangle and Chime