jangle and chimE

The debut album from Kreol Lovecall - released on 3rd March 2017




Kreol Lovecall is south London-born multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Richards. A fixture in some of Britain’s more left-leaning musical scenes for almost two decades.

Until recently an integral member of UK heavy psych rockers Hey Colossus, Richards played a major part in the band’s transition from harsh noise-rock blowouts to a more focused and melodic proposition. His influence shouts loudest on their two 2015 albums, In Black And Gold and Radio Static High (both on Rocket Recordings).

Kreol Lovecall is a bold and surprising stylistic change; a project featuring clean, shimmering guitar and soulful vocals, tightly packed arrangements of popping drum machine, funky bass and Casio keyboard.

‘One In F1ve’ is the first single from Kreol Lovecall, released on 2nd December via Fighting Spirit Records. 21st century blues with pulsing synths and a mantra-like chorus, it reflects the doom and dread brought on by a Trumped-up, post-Brexit present and future back in on itself.



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Jangle and Chime

by Kreol Lovecall

“… a man who clearly has something to say about the politics of diversity and separation that dominate our cultural conversation in these times.” – The Monitors.